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Water bowser range of highway legal road going bowsers and rugged site tow water bowsers for off public highway use.

Water bowsers are ideal for transporting and utilising water when a mains supply is not available or when a combination of a portable bowser and optional pump such as a high pressure washer or plant watering equipment makes it more convenient to use than static equipment.
P100HW POLY Western Washer
D200YW POLY Western Washer
D200LW POLY Western Washer
D200YHR POLY Western Washer
D200LHR POLY Western Washer
P200HW POLY Western Washer
P200HHR POLY Western Washer
H110PWW Poly highway tow water tank
[1.36398H110PWWsne.pdf view file]

H250PWW Poly highway tow water tank
H440PWW Poly highway tow water tank
1100 litre Site Tow Water Bowser (option of extended chassis also available)
2000 litre Site Tow Water Bowser with extended chassis