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Petrol Pressure Washers > Rapier petrol engine drive pressure washer range

Petrol Pressure Washers  > Rapier petrol engine drive pressure washer range

The Rapier petrol engine driven pressure washer range is aimed at heavy duty users with high demand for reliability and continous use from there high power jet washer equipment. The rapier petrol pressure washer feature the following specification: Honda engines, Gearbox driven 1450RPM Interpump plunger pumps, Zinc plate brass pump manifold, Return to tank by-pass keep the pump cool at all times, Full range of spares and services kits.
1500  (1800 inc. VAT)
Rapier RT21170PHR petrol engine pressure washer, 170bar, 21 L/min
[1.223233RT21170PHR.pdf view file]

1485  (1782 inc. VAT)
Rapier RT15200PHR petrol engine pressure washer, 200bar, 15 L/min
[1.372586RT15200PHR.pdf view file]