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HDS 801-4 E 420v Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaner

A hot water high-pressure cleaner offers an increased performance than that of a cold water cleaner. The HDS 801-4 E is safe and efficient, it consists of:

  • 420v Power supply
  • 300-750L/h Adjustable flow rate
  • 5.6kW Connected load + 12kW/24kW heater
  • 25L + 20L Detergent tank
  • 1285mm (L) x 690mm (W) x 835mm (H) Dimensions
  • 80C/35C Maximum water feed temperature
  • Easy press trigger gun
  • 10m High pressure hose
  • 1050mm Spray lance
  • Three-piston axle pump with air-cooled 4-pole motor
  • Electrically heated hot water tank
  • No exhaust emissions
  • Stainless steel boiler with integral heating tank and automatic monitoring

Available with a 12kW heater or a 24kW heater:

12kW heater

  • 30-140bar Adjustable pressure
  • 100Kg Weight

24kW heater

  • 30-150bar Adjustable pressure
  • 102Kg Weight