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HDS 1000 BE/DE Cage Petrol/Diesel Powered Hot Water High-Pressure Cleaner

Hot water high-pressure cleaners offer a quicker and more efficient clean than that of the cold-water pressure cleaners on the market. The HDS 1000 BE/DE Cage is economical, versatile and effective, it consists of:

  • 450-900L/h Adjustable flow rate
  • 40-200bar Adjustable pressure
  • 1130mm (L) x 750mm (W) x 855mm (H) Dimensions
  • 140C/80C Maximum water feed temperature
  • Easy press trigger gun
  • 15m High pressure hose
  • 1050mm Spray lance
  • Triple power nozzle
  • Robust powder-coated steel cage frame
  • No power supply needed

Available with a diesel or petrol engine:

HDS 1000 BE

  • GX 390 Honda petrol engine with electric start
  • 9.75kW Engine power
  • 5.6Kg/h Consumption, fuel oil
  • 165Kg Weight

HDS 1000 DE

  • L 100 AE Yanmar diesel engine with electric start
  • 7.4kW Engine power
  • 5.6Kg/h Consumption, fuel oil
  • 185Kg Weight