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Diesel Pressure Washers

Diesel pressure washers are designed for the professional heavy duty user who need a reliable hard working machine for the toughest cleaning jobs.

Diesel Pressure Washers UK

If you are searching for a reliable, Diesel Pressure Washer to deal with heavy duty industrial cleaning jobs, Spire Pressure Washers can provide you with the best range of Diesel Pressure Washers UK to serve your purpose with ease and energy efficiency. Our website provides easy access to anyone with high hopes of finding the perfect Diesel Pressure Washer to suit your needs as well as your budget. Our high qualities Diesel Pressure Washers UK are from reputed origins and have a longer service period than most competitors.

Finding the necessary spare parts, accessories and maintenance tool kits are never a problem when you purchase your Diesel Pressure Washers UK from Spire Pressure Washers, where we stock all that is needed to make sure your equipment serves you at its best. Please feel free to contact us for further details on our products or if you have any inquiries or problems concerning the selection of a Diesel Pressure Washer or any other pressure washer or accessory.
1524  (1,828.80 inc. VAT)
Delta DT14150DLR 150 Bar diesel engine driven pressure washer
[1.063061DT14150DLR.pdf view file]

1,328.99  (1,594.79 inc. VAT)
Cobra CT13185DLR, 185Bar, 13 L/min engine driven diesel pressure washer.
[1.680172CT13185DLR.pdf view file]

2490  (2988 inc. VAT)
Rapier RT15200DHE diesel engine pressure washer, 200bar, 15 L/min
[1.195217RT15200DHE.pdf view file]

2490  (2988 inc. VAT)
Rapier RT21170DHE diesel engine pressure washer, 170bar, 21 L/min
[1.481289RT21170DHE.pdf view file]

6,438.99  (7,726.79 inc. VAT)
Thor TT18400DHE Diesel Engine Pressure Washer, 400 Bar, 18 L/min
[1.130383TT18400DHE.pdf view file]

5842  (7,010.40 inc. VAT)
Thor TT29250DHE Diesel Engine Pressure Washer, 250 Bar, 29 L/min
[1.023617TT29250DHE.pdf view file]

5842  (7,010.40 inc. VAT)
Thor TT30200DHE Diesel Engine Pressure Washer, 200 Bar, 30 L/min
[1.81744TT30200DHE.pdf view file]

5842  (7,010.40 inc. VAT)
Thor TT41200DHE Diesel Engine Pressure Washer, 200 Bar, 41 L/min
[1.393704TT41200DHE.pdf view file]